About the Documentary
Director's Statement
Since the league’s inception in 1922, very few NFL teams measure up in terms of quality or personality to the 1985 Chicago Bears. They were dominant on the gridiron, and omnipresent in the media. “’85: The Story Of The Greatest Team in Pro Football History” will reveal the full story behind this colorful, storied and arguably greatest team in professional football history.

The film will open with a very brief recount of the history of the NFL. Backstory will be provided regarding the formation of the league as well the creation and evolution of the Super Bowl. Our opening will illustrate the societal weight of the sport and its beloved championship on American culture. A history of the Chicago Bears will follow, recounting the formation and movement of the esteemed franchise to one of the leagues largest markets. Chicago’s political and social vibe in the 80s will be discussed along with the Bears’ contributions. The success and popularity of the team over the years will be emphasized, while also noting that the ‘85 Super Bowl, while one of the NFL’s most memorable, was also the lone Super Bowl victory for one of the league’s oldest members.

The story presses on to the inception of the ‘85 season. This section will include a review of the season prior, and the expectations of fans and players going into the 1985 schedule. The ‘85 Bears’ well-known strengths will be discussed, as well as the hurdles that stood between the team and its long-desired but ever-allusive Super Bowl Championship. The narrative advances into the Bears regular season, as well as the teams two historic shut-out playoff victories. Interviewees, archival footage and other media will lead the audience through the ups and downs of the season; the troubled staff/player relationships, the ever-heightening expectations of fans and media and the legendary tenacity of the ‘85 Bears defense. This segment as others will include historic game-day footage, player testimony, as well as commentary from celebrity-fans and notable Chicagoans.

Our story eventually arrives on the doorstep of Super Bowl XX. The neon of New Orleans, the hoards of press, the expectations of a dominant Bears team and its fans. We will revel in the championship game as well as reveal the inside stories of the players and staff including the 46 Defense, a Fridge touchdown (yet none for Payton), the domination of the Patriots… all leading to the unprecedented step of 2 coaches being carried off the field on players’ shoulders. The film culminates in a discussion of the ‘85 Bears importance to Chicago and the NFL. Are the ‘85 Chicago Bears the greatest team in Pro Football history, and if so why did this dominant group not turn into a dynasty in the 1980s? In October of 2011, President Barack Obama invited the ‘85 Chicago Bears to Washington D.C. for a long-overdue Presidential celebration of their championship season. On a sunny afternoon on the White House lawn, the leader of the free-world boastfully introduced the 1985 Chicago Bears to a garden-full of press and dignitaries as the “Greatest Team in NFL History”. Our film will celebrate the accomplishments of the ‘85 Bears, while also striving to confirm this much shared but often argued opinion of America’s 44th President and Chicago native.

–Scott Prestin

  • The film will feature interviews with approximately 10 members of the 1985 Chicago Bears including Mike Ditka, Mike Singletary, Willie Gault, Dan Hampton, Richard Dent.
  • We have already interviewed Jesse Jackson, Michael Wilbon, Rick Telander and Bill Kurits. We also have Jim Belushi attached to narrate.
  • The Managers estimate the release would be in September of 2015 to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the 1985 Chicago Bears.
  • In addition to distributing the merchandise through our own channels, the Managers are in discussions with the Bears/NFL organization about a potential partnership.
  • The Managers are exploring a number of distribution options for release of the film. The Managers would identify and select the best “windows” for premiering the film through traditional TV outlets (ESPN, FOX Sports), Video on Demand and Streaming Video on Demand Services (Netflix, Itunes, Amazon, etc.)